2017 Chapel Talk by Cat Maker (SC)

Ladies (and a few gentlemen),

Congratulations on two, four, or nine weeks. You made it. You’re going back into the real world and it’s exciting, sad, and for some who are off to new things, it might also be a little scary.

Now I could talk about all the things we’re gonna miss, all the things I love about camp, but I won’t. Because that’s not what today’s about. Today is about going back into the world, and figuring out how you’re gonna bring some of that Nellie spirit with you.

I want everyone to look around right now. Look to your left and see a girl who was brave enough to leave home and strike out on her own. Look to your right and see the glinting eye of someone who isn’t afraid to stand on a table and sing absolute nonsense three times a day. Look all around you and you’ll see actresses, athletes, craft queens, loyal friends, pranksters, and leaders.

And yes, I’ll admit it, these people may have come to camp already these things, but I can guarantee you they got a little better over their time here. I can guarantee to you that you’ve gotten a little bet better over your time here, whether that be at bracelet-making, facing fears like the tower, or learning how to work with those around you to balance a bridge or organize a game.

And saying that, I realize that these things may seem small and insignificant, but they’re not. These skills, and most importantly the confidence that comes along with developing them, are what you need to remember to bring home with you today. Look around you again and you’ll see a whole crowd of people who want to support you. The real world may be overwhelming, or at times a little harsh, but I know if you hold onto that Nellie spirit, Nellie confidence, and your Nellie friends, you can do great things

So go out there ladies. Got out and be your brilliant selves, and know that me and everyone around me can’t wait to hear all about it.

Thank you and have a Nellie year.