2021 Covid Resource Page

We know COVID19 continues to impact the daily lives for our campers and families. We also know the guidance around prevention, testing and treatment are changing rapidly. With that in mind, the Huckins staff are working with outside experts, as well as collaborating with state and national officials, to do all we can to be ready to open camp safely in 2021.   

We will update this page regularly as our guidelines, policies and procedures are finalized. The safety of our campers, staff and families is our top priority, and we will base our decisions on science and medical best practices. Please reach out with questions, and know we are hopeful we will be together here at camp next summer. 


This page is dynamic and will be updated as information becomes available and decisions are made. If you have questions not answered below or in previous communications (see bottom of page), please reach out to the Huckins Registrar, Angela, at [email protected].   

Pre-Arrival Expectations

Huckins will provide a pre-arrival checklist for families. This checklist will outline expectations to be followed 2 weeks prior to arrival. We plan to include at least the following as part of the pre-arrival checklist: low risk pre-camp behaviors including list of what activities to avoid, symptomatic screening, testing, and travel recommendations.  

Traveling to Camp using Public Transportation

If a camper must take public transportation to camp, families should be aware of State of NH travel requirements. The current State of NH guidelines require that travelers quarantine for 10 days prior to camp arrivalThe quarantine period must take place in New Hampshire or within region where direct-to-campnon-public transportation is possible to Check-IDay.  

Due to these quarantine requirements, Huckins staff cannot pick up campers at airports, bus stations or other public transport hubs.  

Arriving Late/Leaving Early from Camp

Because of the added complexity created by COVID, families will be assigned a designated check-in time. COVID-19 protocols require all campers arrive to camp on Check-iDay at their scheduled time. Current testing requirements prohibit late arrivals.  

Campers may leave their camp session early, however, COVID-19 safety protocols dictate they will not be able to return once they leave. Campers that wish to leave camp mid-session for an event will not be able to return to camp. 

Check-in and Pick-up Days

COVID safety protocols will result in changes to the check-in and move in process. Current planning includes designated check-in times for families to support social distancing, reduce wait time, and allow for COVID screening with the Health Staff. We are coordinating check-in scheduling with Camp Belknap to accommodate families that have both Huckins & Belknap campers. Please help us by remaining as flexible as possible with your schedule on Check-In Day, as we will have limited flexibility. 

At this time, we expect that Check-In Day will be designed to limit movement around camp by non-campers to mitigate health risks. All people, campers and families, entering camp on Check-In Day will need to wear a properly fitting mask at all times and families will likely remain in their vehicles. We currently expect that only campers and staff will be able to enter camp buildings. Camp staff will help campers get settled in their cabins. 

The store will not be open during Check-In Days. However, in addition to our usual Spring Online Store dates, we plan to open the online store just for camper families to order clothing bundles that will be delivered to campers’ cabins on Check-In Days. We will communicate these special store dates once they are finalized. 

Pick-up day will look different in 2021 to ensure the safety of campers & staff. More information will be coming soon. 

Packing for Camp 

An updated packing list, including COVID specific items, will be shared here. Please note, the updated packing list will be simplified, limiting campers to a trunk, 3 drawers, and a bedding bag.  


Face coverings for all campers and staff will be part of Huckins plan to prevent the introduction and spread of COVID at Huckins. We will provide more information about what type and how many masks campers should pack. Campers and staff can be unmasked when sleeping, eating, showering, and swimming.  

Camper Housing 

Outside of the Leadership Division, camper housing will be structured the same as any summer3rd & 4th graders will live in the Junior Division, 5th & 6th graders in the Middler Division and 7th & 8th graders in the Senior Division.  

During summer 2021, our Leadership program will consist of 9th and 10th grade programs and the CounselorinTraining program for 11th graders. The 9th grade W campers will be housed in the three W cabins and the 10th grade W campers will live in the CIT cabin. CITs will be housed in cabins Q1 & Q2 in the Junior Division.  

Camp Life During COVID 

Huckins mission remains unchanged. We are working on modifications to facilities and program to enhance safety and remain true to the core principles of a Huckins experience. We are improving ventilation to cabins and program spaces, renovating the health center, and creating new spaces through tent rental. 

COVID will require we make changes to the program schedule and activities for the 2021 season. We will provide update on planning here. 

  • The horseback riding program has been cancelled for summer 2021. We are hopeful that our horses will return to Huckins for summer 2022.  

COVID Testing 

Current state requirements include COVID testing of campers and staff before arrival and during camp. The specifics around timing for on-site testing, type and procedures are currently being developed based on guidance from the State of NH and our Medical Advisory Team. We will communicate our testing policies and procedures once they have been finalized. 

Camp Response to Positive Test 

We are working closely with our medical advisory team to develop detailed plans for symptomatic and positive cases of COVID during camp sessions. We will communicate plans with families prior to camp. 

Huckins Pledge

We are developing a pledge to ensure compliance and clear focus on keeping ourselves and each other safe. More information to come.


Permission is required to visit camp during the non-summer months. When camp is in session, for the safety of our campers and staff, visitors will be strictly limited. Updated information regarding this policy will be provided here.  

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