2021 FAQ’S

What changes is Huckins making to its facilities to prepare for 2021 camp? 

  • Improving ventilation in all camper cabins. We are installing fans and adding screened emergency exit doors. This will keep fresh air moving into the cabins.  
  • Updating division bath houses. We added an exit door to each side of the bath houses to create separate entrances and exits, increased screening to improve ventilation, and treated surfaces to allow for improved cleaning processes.  
  • Making Dining Hall improvements. We are planning for outdoor service and seating at the Dining Hall and improving the ventilation within the main room of the Dining Hall. 
  • Renovating the Health Center and Sports Complex to support safe 2021 programming.  
  • Augmenting Handwashing stations. We are improving handwashing stations at camp and adding handwashing and hand sanitizing stations around the facility. 

How will meals work? 

  • Campers will eat with their cabin group and have an assigned table that is at least 6 feet from other tables. They will not have assigned seats at their cabin table. 
  • Tables will be sanitized after each meal.  

What is the new “COVID Fee”? 

  • There are many unknowns about what will be required to open in 2021, including the cost and timing of testing. The COVID Fee will cover the cost of required testing and/or additional extraordinary expenses related to COVID that we cannot cover in our operating budget. The fee will be set in the spring, with families informed by April 1 and may range from $200-$500 based on testing costs. 
  • Financial aid is available to assist with the COVID Fee. We do not want it to be a barrier for any camper’s participation in camp 2021. 

Will Opening Day look different than it has in the past? 

  • Yes, the check-in and move-in process will look different in 2021. Families will have scheduled arrival times to support social distancing, to reduce wait time, and to allow for more check-in time with the Health Staff. Currently, we are planning on COVID testing and limiting family movement around the facility with luggage being dropped and delivered to cabins. We will communicate updates as we finalize plans closer to summer.   
  • Staff will ensure that all campers get moved into their space and their beds made. We will work with families in advance to prepare for a positive move-in process for all.  

With the pandemic still ongoing, why are you hopeful to open for Camp in 2021? 

  • We realize the value for campers to be able to be together at Huckins in a safe, nurturing environment. Camp can provide a much-needed social and emotional growth experience for all children it serves, especially with the challenges created by the pandemic. 

Will campers need to be tested/need to get a vaccine before attending camp?   

  • The decision on testing and vaccine requirements will be based on state and CDC guidelines. We will closely monitor the guidelines and requirements and regularly communicate with families. 
  • If testing is required, we will work with families/sponsors to secure testing for all campers. 

Will campers have to wear a mask? 

  • Under current guidelines, masks would be required when social distancing could not be maintained. We will closely monitor the state and CDC guidelines and our policies will be informed by those requirements. We will communicate these requirements with families in the spring.  

Will campers from other countries/states that are hotspots be allowed to attend camp? 

  • We will closely monitor the state and CDC guidelines and our policies will be informed by those requirements. We will communicate with families in the spring.  

Will staff be tested before campers attend? 

  • Yes. We will closely monitor the state and CDC guidelines and our policies will be informed by those requirements. We will communicate with families in the spring on our staff requirements. 

Will I get a refund if my child is sent home or if someone else is sick and I want to pick her up? 

  • We are currently reviewing our medical refund policy and will communicate to families when it is finalized. 

My child has pre-existing health issuesCan you accommodate her health needs? 

  • Our Health Team will collaborate with families to discuss specific health issues and what we can do to accommodate them. We will work together to determine if we can safely meet the needs of your camper. All decisions are made on a casebycase basis. 

Are campers going to be able to do everything camp normally offers (mountain hikes, horseback riding, Hucksters, Candlelight)? 

  • As of now, off-site trips will not be offered in 2021 but on-site special events will continue. We are also planning creative alternatives to make the program special! 
  • We are planning for regular on-site camp activities for 2021, however there may be changes based on recommendations from the CDC, ACA and the State of NH. 

How will the W/9th grade program operate in 2021?  

  • We will have two W/9th grade programs in 2021, one for the current campers in 9th grade now, and a program for campers who missed their 9th grade program in 2020. Each program will run separately with its own counselors. Based on current guidelines, we will be unable to offer outof camp trips, but we will continue to have a unique program to offer this age group. More specifics will be communicated to our Leadership campers as we confirm the program. 


Will campers be able to do activities with friends if they are not in same cabin?  If not, can we make cabin requests? 

  • We are hopeful circumstances will allow afternoon free selection of activities to occur after the first few days of the session, and that pods of cabins will be able to interact. We will actively monitor recommendations from the CDC and the state to determine what is possible in 2021. We will continue to update you as plans are finalized. 
  •  We will not be taking cabin requests. 

Will my daughter be able to leave and return to camp for school sports and other special activities (try outs, weddings, concerts) 

  • We will actively monitor recommendations from the CDC and the state to determine what is possible in 2021. We will continue to update you as plans are finalized.  As it stands right now campers would not be able to leave and then return to camp. 


What will happen if I register my child and then Camp is not allowed to open at full capacity in 2021? 

  • If the decision is made that Camp cannot open at full capacity, we will make enrollment decisions based on multiple factors including years at camp and application date.  Be sure to apply the first day the application opens for the best chance of retaining your daughter’s spot at camp. 
  • If your camper’s enrollment status changes due to capacity limitations, we will refund all tuition payments. 

If camp is cancelled for 2021, will tuition be refunded?  

  • Yes. Although we are optimistic, we have the time to plan for the 2021 season, if we do need to cancel camp tuition will be refunded. 

What will happen if I register my camper and then decide to cancel her registration? 

  • The registration fee is non-refundable. We will refund tuition payments paid if we are able to fill the spot with another camper.