Equity, Inclusion at Huckins

CCYMCA/Camp Huckins Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Strategic Priority 

Starting Vision: 

At Huckins, we know living in a community that accepts us for who we are is essential to allowing each young woman to thrive. Building a community where all feel this sense of belonging requires intentional and ongoing action so that each camper and staff person can feel included as their authentic self.  

Bringing a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging lens to all aspects of our programs, systems, culture and organization will help CCYMCA/Camp Huckins to build on our strengths and grow in new ways so everyone can discover and be their truest self. As we develop the leadership capacities of the young women in our programs, it will better prepare them to successfully navigate increasingly diverse communities.  


Camp Huckins is committed to empowering young women, building their leadership capacities and confidence.  

We recognize that as a community and an organization we have much to learn. This will be a long-term commitment as an organization and with our larger community as we continue to learn together.  

We will bring courage and curiosity to this exploration. We will try to be honest and open in conversations that move us toward new understandings.  

Action Planning and Next Steps: 

 A Task Force made up of Board Member and Volunteers is meeting to continually update the vision, commitments and priorities to ensure Camp Huckins will be a place where all feel a sense of Belonging as their authentic selves. The specific goals and action steps will be informed by the efforts of Work Groups focused on specific areas. The Work Groups will be comprised of alumni, staff, families and outside experts and will be able to do a deep dive into specific areas, exploring that area from diverse perspectives.  

Work Group 1 – Listen and Learn 

We have identified many possible topics for our 2021 work and decided that most important first step is to learn more. We need to hear and learn from our Huckins community and seek out diverse perspectives on creating inclusive communities.  

This Work Group will reach out in various ways to our Huckins community to learn about your experiences. We hope you will share your perspectives with us in the months ahead.  

Work Group 2 – Creating a Culture of Belonging 

The Listen and Learn Work Group will help to launch the Creating a Culture of Belonging Work Group. Here we will look at the elements of camp and the Huckins experience that allow our campers to share their authentic self, gaining confidence as they are valued and respected by their peers. We will also explore what elements prevent campers from having that experience. We hope this will inform our 2021 staff training and what we do to build community at camp.  

Future Work Groups 

We have a list of other areas we want to explore. We also want to make sure that we are able to prioritize what we learn from our community. We don’t know what we will learn, so we are pausing a moment to make sure we are ready to listen and use what we learn to determine next steps.  

If you are interested in learning more about the Working Groups or supporting Huckins in advancing this strategic priority, please let us know.