Camp Bank/Store Policy

CAMP BANK:  All charges (such as Horseback Riding and Waterskiing) will be charged to your daughter’s account.  Girls who would like to try everything normally will spend around $100.00 (less for girls who do not ride or waterski). “W”s and “CIT”s will spend about $150.   At the end of her session the amount due will be charged to your default card on file.

HORSEBACK RIDING:  Available to all campers who have completed 4th grade.  On average your daughter will be able to ride one time per week and the $30.00 fee is per lesson.


WATERSKIING:  Available to any camper who has passed her Outside Area Swim Test.  The $18.00 fee is per lesson.

Our Outside Area Swim Test consists of swimming 20 yards on her front, 20 yards on her back and treading water for 90 seconds with both hands above the water.


***Opportunities for horseback riding and waterskiing are limited.  For this reason, if your daughter signs up for either activity, but does not show up, she will still be charged.  We want to offer these popular activities as much as possible and appreciate you discussing this policy with your daughter.

STORE POLICY: Campers in the Junior Division may only purchase clothing with a parent/guardian present.  This limits clothes shopping to check in and check out days.   Campers may go daily for supplies such as stamps, batteries, soap etc.  All store items are charged to Camp Bank including check in and check out day purchases.  If you would like to pay for those purchases on those days please stop at the office and we can take payment for items purchased.

 LAUNDRY SERVICE is available for 4 week campers with a minimum charge of $10.00. The laundry will be sent out on the first and third Friday and will be returned the following Monday.  Charges for laundry will be deducted from Camp Bank.

CABIN PHOTO:  Campers should bring a white top and dark green shorts for their cabin photo and special events.  These items are available at our camp store.