Chapel Talk by Anna Grenier ( CIT Trainer 2021)

Growing up we are always told to “live in the moment”. Physically, we can only be in one place at a time, but often our thoughts are all over the place. Instead of focusing on what’s to come or what has already happened, simply pay attention to what is going on around you at that moment. For me, camp is about living in the moment. Our time at Huckins is so short, it is important to cherish all the time you have there, and take advantage of the opportunities it provides. In an instant, moments can become memories that we hang onto forever. Although it was challenging being away from camp last summer, I’m so grateful for all the memories I have from the past nine summers at camp. As I sit in my college dorm, 842 miles away from Huckins, I’m thinking about those memories and counting down the days until we are all reunited again. Take some time to think about your own camp memories today, and have a Nellie day!
Anna Grenier