Chapel Talk by Grace Gamache (SC and CIT Trainer ’17)

During quarantine, while sitting around the fire, my mom and I started singing camp songs. We sat there and laughed while nobody else knew the words as if it was our own secret language. At that moment I realized how magical Huckins truly is. You don’t understand the impact it has until you experience it first hand. And just when you think that Huckins is far away, you find it in the smallest of places. Whether it is that song that reminds you of your summers on the Small Crafts Beach, hiking in the White Mountains, talking to your camp friends long after you both passed through those gates, or singing around a fire with your mom who hasn’t gone to camp since she was 13. I can not even begin to express the impact Camp Huckins has had on my life and who I have become because of it. So when you are missing camp a little extra, just remember that it isn’t as far as you think, and no matter the time spent away, it will always be there. Have a Nellie day!