Chapel Talk by Ingrid Bergill, SC 2019

So, you did it. You finished two full weeks away from your families, from your homes, your technology. For some of you, this was the first two weeks you’ve ever spent away from home. For others,this is the first two weeks of a double-digit summer at camp. Wherever you fall within that range, you have made it through two beautiful weeks at Huckins. When you leave today, hug your friends and your counselors and tell them you love them. The women all around you today will be your role models, your shoulders to cry on, your ego boosts, and your best friends for years to come. When you get back to the real world, don’t forget what you learned in this pine tree bubble. Try everything, be brave, tell people you love them loudly and often, and most importantly be yourself always. Next summer, when you drive back through the white gates you will leave through today, camp and all the people who make it special will be waiting to welcome you. For you, girls belong to Huckins and Huckins belongs to you. Have a Nellie year!