Covid 19 Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 and Huckins

Frequently Asked Questions


Why were the traditional on-site camp programs cancelled this summer?

The decision to cancel our traditional on-site summer programming was incredibly difficult and extremely emotional. We remained hopeful for as long as we could as our staff and board exhausted all alternative programming options with the goal of providing a safe, quality Huckins program this summer. The safety of our campers, families and staff is our top priority. The evolving guidance from the ACA, the CDC, and the State of NH left too many unanswered questions on what would be needed to ensure the safety of our community.  Ultimately, we felt we had no choice but to cancel our traditional on-site camp programs.

Is there a possibility that camp will happen this summer if things change?

We know that the time will come when stay at home orders are lifted, physical distancing is no longer required, and health care experts will provide clear guidance for re-opening. We will continue to evaluate our ability to provide safe, quality on-site programming based on the evolving guidance from the ACA, the CDC and the state of NH.  When it is safe to do so, we will continue to deliver the Huckins experience. If programming is offered later in the season, we will communicate with our families via email.

Can I get a refund for my Camp tuition?

We will refund all registration fees and tuition payments received. As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on the camp tuition fees to meet our mission and support our year-round operations. Cancelling our traditional camp programs will have a significant impact on our operating budget, and we hope you will consider converting all or a portion of your tuition into a charitable gift. If you are able, please consider donating a percentage of your tuition to support Huckins during this challenging time. The following options will be available:

  1. Support camp by donating your registration fees and tuition.
  2. Receive a full refund.
  3. A combination of the above – partial donation and partial refund.


More information detailing these options will be emailed to camper parents by May 27th.

How can my camper stay engaged with Huckins this summer?

The staff are working together to create virtual opportunities for our camp community to connect. If you or your daughter have ideas or hopes, please send them to us. While we are developing this program, your camper can go the Nellie Connections page of our website for weekly activities and join Jody for Camp Sing-a-Longs every Wednesday at 5:00 pm. We will reach out in the weeks ahead with details.

My camper was supposed to be a CIT or W this summer. What does this mean for next summer?

We are currently working with our Leadership Staff to develop a plan for the summer to engage with our 9th and 10th grade campers. As soon as our plan is complete, we will be in touch with our Leadership campers.

My camper is having a really hard time with this, do you have any suggestions?

Huckins is a special place. Many of our campers and staff count down the days until they can return to Camp. Feeling sad about not being able to come to Camp this year is normal and is important to name and talk about. We are sad too. Being honest about our changing emotions as the reality of what this summer will and won’t be sinks in is healthy and brave. Here are some resources to help you talk with and support your child.

I was hired to work at camp this summer. What does this mean for next summer?

Our commitment to the future leaders of Huckins remains strong. We will remain in close contact with our staff throughout these challenging times and keep them informed as we prepare for the summer of 2021.

My camper was going to be a Huckster this summer. Will she still receive a Huckster necklace?

We understand that celebrating your Huckster summer at camp is very meaningful and we are looking at ways to honor this milestone while remaining mindful that campers will not be physically at camp to take part in this traditional ceremony. In the coming weeks, we will be communicating directly with our Hucksters who are scheduled to celebrate their ceremony in 2020.

Will your post season programs happen?

We will continue to evaluate our ability to provide safe, quality on-site programming based on guidance from the ACA, the CDC and the state of NH.  If we can operate a post season program, we will communicate with our families via email.

My camper was placed on a waitlist for this summer. What does this mean for 2021?

We will continue our normal wait list policy for next summer. Providing that a waitlisted camper from 2020 applies to camp on the first day of registration for 2021, your status from this season will be taken into consideration.  When our virtual offerings are finalized, waitlisted campers will be invited to participate.

What about Jody’s retirement celebrations?

We are sad that the current situation will prevent us from our scheduled plans. This is not what we had hoped for in Jody’s final summer at Camp. We are looking forward to celebrating Jody’s legacy in the future when we can safely do so. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to drop Jody an email or note to let her know how you feel about her!

How is Huckins preparing to serve community needs during this crisis?

We are continuing to assess the needs of our community during this time. We have already started to distribute food to our neighbors and community members, and we are exploring ways to expand this service.  We are working with local partners to understand where and how we can be of most support in the coming months.

How can I help Carroll County YMCA | Camp Huckins?

We appreciate your support! While we are confident that CCYMCA | Camp Huckins will make it through this difficult time, we also anticipate significant financial challenges due to program cancellations this year. We rely on camp tuition to pay staff, maintain our property, support our service to the community and our general operation. If you are able, we welcome your support:

If you’d like to make a donation, you can donate directly through our website. If you have paid tuition and would like to donate all or a portion of these funds, Angela will provide more information about how to do so in the next two weeks. More than ever, your support ensures that Camp thrives and is ready to provide a Huckins experience when it is safe to do so.

Is Camp open to visitors this summer?

Huckins is a special place for many. We understand your desire to come to Camp. For the safety of our staff and the protection of the property, we ask that you please contact us in advance to determine if a visit is possible.

Will Huckins make it through this pandemic?

Yes. While this is the most significant financial challenge Huckins has ever experienced, we are positioned to come out of this pandemic in a place of strength thanks to prudent financial planning and the ongoing support of our generous donors. In response to the disruption from COVID-19, Huckins is doing the following:

  • We have frozen all spending except for salaries, health benefits, utilities, food and supplies to serve the Carroll County community.
  • We are securing a low interest loan or line of credit to bridge the budget shortfall.
  • We are utilizing Huckins’ endowment dollars to support our ongoing operating expenses.

We will be in touch soon with more information on ways to help.

Is Huckins taking phone calls?

Yes. Following the recommendations from the State of NH, many staff are working from home, but we are actively monitoring emails and phone calls. If you do have to leave a message, know that we remain committed to returning your call promptly.