Covid Resource Page – Updated June 21

We know the guidance around prevention, vaccination and testing are changing rapidly. With that in mind, the Huckins staff are working with outside experts, as well as collaborating with state and national officials, to prepare for a safe 2021 camp season.   

We will continue to update this page regularly as our guidelines, policies and procedures are finalized. The safety of our campers, staff and families is our top priority, and we will base our decisions on science and medical best practices. Please reach out with questions, and know we look forward to being together at camp this summer. 

UPDATED **Updated June 21

This page is dynamic and will be updated as information becomes available and decisions are made. If you have questions not answered below or in previous communications (see bottom of page), please reach out to the Huckins Registrar, Angela, at [email protected].   

Vaccinations, Screening, Testing and Quarantining if a Close Contact ***Updated June 21

Campers who are unvaccinated or who are NOT FULLY VACCINATED will need to have a negative COVID test 3-5 days prior to arrival and will participate in all surveillance testing (check-in day and day 5 testing). They will also need to quarantine at home if they are a close contact of a positive COVID case at camp.

  • Documentation of your campers negative pre-arrival COVID test may be uploaded to your campminder dashboard or emailed to [email protected]  To be safe please bring a paper copy of the results with you on check in day.
  • What if my Camper has had both shots but it hasn’t been 14 days yet, do they still need to have a negative COVID test before they come to camp on Sunday?   YES!!
  • Will my camper need to participate in the arrival day COVID testing if they have had their 2nd shot but check-in day is less than 14 days from the date of their second shot? YES!!  Please see below for the definition of fully vaccinated.
  • Campers that are not fully vaccinated will not be able to check in without documentation of their pre-arrival COVID test.  If you are having problems scheduling a test please contact camp right away.

CDC guidance is that vaccinated individuals do not need to be included in screening testing or tested for COVID if they are a close contact. Based on this guidance the Medical Advisory and COVID committees have recommended we apply this to our campers and staff. Campers arriving to camp FULLY VACCINATED (14 days after the 2nd dose) do not need a pre-arrival COVID test and will not be included in check-in or day 5 surveillance testing. This plan will remain in place unless the CDC or State of New Hampshire changes the expectations for testing of vaccinated campers.  

In line with CDC guidance, vaccinated campers will not need to go home to quarantine if they are a close contact of a positive COVID test at camp. Huckins will follow the guidance of our Medical Advisory Committee and Camp Nurses around any limitations for vaccinated, close contacts at campincluding increased symptom monitoring. 

Vaccines are not required for eligible campers but are strongly encouraged.

If the CDC guidance changes or State of New Hampshire requirements change for vaccinated campers, Huckins will update families of changes to our COVID procedures. If infection rates increase or if there is a COVID outbreak at camp we may need to change our procedures, including expanding testing of vaccinated campers or quarantining at home Please visit the COVID Resource Page of our website for more specifics. 

Our goal is to keep campers healthy and at camp! We hope you will help us achieve this goal by following the pre-arrival expectations outlined in the Camper Handbook and on the COVID Resource Page of our website. 

Definition of Fully Vaccinated

Your camper is fully vaccinated, when they have completing both doses of the
vaccine and two whole weeks have passed(14 days), Please update their health record and upload the
vaccination card once both doses have been completed. We recommend even bringing the vaccination card or a copy as a backup.

Pre-Arrival Screening***Updated June 21

We are asking families to do a daily health check of their camper in the 7 days prior to check in Day.  We are not asking families to submit documentation of this pre-arrival screening.  During the Check-In process, campers will be asked if they had a fever or were ill in the week before camp.


Pre-Arrival Expectations 

Pre-Arrival Expectations

FAQs Pre Arrival Covid Testing

Traveling to Camp using Public Transportation 

The current State of NH guidelines do not require that travelers quarantine for domestic travel. If traveling internationally families must quarantine in the United States for 10 days prior to arrival at camp.  We are asking all families to practice low risk pre-arrival activities prior to their camp session.

Arriving Late/Leaving Early from Camp

Because of the added complexity created by COVID, families will be assigned a designated check-in time. COVID-19 protocols require all campers arrive to camp on Check-iDay at their scheduled time. Current testing requirements prohibit late arrivals.  

Campers may leave their camp session early, however, COVID-19 safety protocols dictate they will not be able to return once they leave. Campers that wish to leave camp mid-session for an event will not be able to return to camp. 

Check-in and Pick-up Days

COVID safety protocols will require changes to the check-in and move in process. Campers have been assigned designated check-in time to support physical distancing, reduce wait time and allow for COVID testing and health screening. Check in will begin at 9:00 am and end at 4:30 pm. We are coordinating check-in scheduling with Camp Belknap to accommodate families that have both Huckins & Belknap campers. Thank you in advance for arriving at your scheduled check-in time. 

Unvaccinated campers will begin with a rapid COVID test at the program office. While waiting for their results, campers will have their health screening and lice checks. Vaccinated campers will go directly to their health screening and lice checks. After negative results, families will move to a designated luggage drop off, say goodbye and connect with a Huckins staff member who will accompany campers to their cabins. Counselors will patiently help campers make their beds and get settled in their home away from home.  

We will provide lunch for campers arriving between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. Our program staff and counselors are working on creative activities to make this check-in day fun for campers.    

All people, campers and families, entering camp on Check-In Day will need to wear a properly fitting mask at all times and families will remain in their vehicles or be in the health screening areas with their camperPer state recommendation, only campers and staff will be able to enter camp buildings. Porta-potties will be available for families’ use.  

Camper pick-up will take place between 9:00 am and 11:00 am.  

Arrival Day Test Insurance Reinbursement- We will supply families with documentation of the arrival day test.  This documentation can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.  The majority of insurance companies are now covering the cost of surveillance testing.

The store will not be open during Check-In Days. 

Packing for Camp

Our updated 2021 Packing List.  Please note, campers will be limited to a trunk, 3 drawers, and a bedding bag.  


Although the CDC has relaxed mask requirements for vaccinated individuals, masks will be a key part of keeping the Huckins residential camp community healthy and at camp this summer. With much of our community unvaccinated, our Huckins plan includes “When We Mix, We Mask.” Spending time with campers from other divisions and cabins is an important part of camp, so to make that happen safely, campers will wear masks when mixing with campers from other cabins and divisions where physical distancing is not possibleMasks do not need to be worn in the cabin, when seated at your cabin table at meals, when your cabin is more than 6 feet from another cabin, or at the waterfront for swimming or boating activities. We will also plan for mask breaks and are building a program day that allows for physical distancing so masks will not be worn all day.  

Camper Housing 

Outside of the Leadership Division, camper housing will be structured the same as any summer3rd & 4th graders will live in the Junior Division, 5th & 6th graders in the Middler Division and 7th & 8th graders in the Senior Division.  

During summer 2021, our Leadership program will consist of 9th and 10th grade programs and the CounselorinTraining program for 11th graders. The 9th grade W campers will be housed in the three W cabins and the 10th grade W campers will live in the CIT cabin. CITs will be housed in cabins Q1 & Q2 in the Junior Division.  

Camp Life During COVID 

Huckins mission remains unchanged. We are working on modifications to facilities and program to enhance safety and remain true to the core principles of a Huckins experience. We are improving ventilation to cabins and program spaces, renovating the health center, and creating new spaces through tent rental. 

COVID will require we make changes to the program schedule and activities for the 2021 season. We will provide update on planning here. 

Program Changes for 2021

COVID has required us to make changes to the program and activities for the 2021 season, but the spirit of Huckins will be constant and true! 

  • Meals will look a bit different this summer. Cabins will still have their own table, but it may be in the dining hall or in the adjacent 400 square foot tent. Campers will wear masks when entering the meal and when picking up their food from a buffet that is served by staff. Your favorite Chef Joel foods will be on the menu, as will pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, gluten free and vegetarian options. We will not be singing inside the dining hall (or the tent) during meals, but we are building in other times where our community can sing and cheer outdoors with physical distancing. 
  • The horseback riding program has been cancelled for summer 2021. We are hopeful that our horses will return to Huckins for summer 2022. 
  • The Leadership Counselors are putting their Huckins creativity into overdrive to create a memorable and unique summer for our W campers. Due to COVID there will not be W trips this summer. 
  • Our regular hike trip programming will not be offered this summer. 

COVID Testing

Current state requirements include COVID testing of campers and staff before arrival and during camp.

  • Unvaccinated Campers must have a negative PCR test within 3-5 days of arrival at camp. Please schedule the test to ensure you have the results prior to Check-in Day, and as close to arrival as possible, so they can be sent to camp before arrival. Camper’s results of the PCR test must be back before a person can arrive at camp.
  • We encourage families to protect their COVID test results and increase the likelihood that campers will arrive COVID free by limiting camper interactions to only their immediate household. This protects the integrity of their pre-camp COVID test.
  • The State of NH requires this negative test prior to arrival, so we cannot make any exceptions. Your unvaccinated camper will not be able to attend camp if we have not received this negative PCR test.

Unvaccinated campers will participate in a rapid covid test at check in.  Campers will move into their cabins after their negative check in day test.  An unvaccinated camper will participate in a day five pcr test.  Unvaccinated campers staying for a month will have a third test at the end of their second week at camp.

Camp Response to Positive Test

Campers with a positive COVID test, as well as unvaccinated campers in that cabin and unvaccinated close contacts, will have to leave camp within 12 hours.  A close contact is anyone that has been within 6 feet for 10 minutes over a 24-hour period, so a positive test could require multiple cabins to go home.

We are asking all families to follow the pre-arrival guidelines to decrease the likelihood of a positive COVID-19 test.  We recognize that some of the expectations may be challenging, but we are asking all campers and their families to do their best to reduce exposure.  Your mindfulness in following COVID safety guidelines will help bring happy campers and staff back to Huckins this summer- something we are ALL looking forward to!

Huckins Pledge

The Huckins Pledge is included in your Parent/Camper Handbook. Please review prior to arrival.


Permission is required to visit camp during the non-summer months. When camp is in session, for the safety of our campers and staff, visitors will be strictly limited. 

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