When Applying please be sure to enter the parent who will be making decisions as the first parent.  This is the parent we will try contacting first when we have questions.  If you are a two parent household be sure to add the second parent by clicking “add second parent/guardian”(circled below in red).  This will add a second parent to the same household.

If your daughter splits her time between two households be sure the parent who fills out the application is the one that will be making decisions, filling out forms and paying for camp.  This parent should be the first parent listed.

Option for Second Parent:  Another parent can be added using a different household by clicking “add another parent/guardian who resides at a different address”(circled below in blue).  This parent can get all information emailed by the camp, fill out forms and receive invoices.  Be sure to contact camp to make sure all permissions are turned on for the second household.  This parent cannot pay online.  If parents are splitting the cost the second parent would need to call the office to pay using a card or mail a check.

Please keep in mind if a parent is not listed in the application, Camp will not be able to discuss any information with that parent.