Mother/Son Hucksters – Annie Perley and Issac Frazier

Mother/Son Camp Huckster Ceremony :

 It was 1997 and I was 16 years old. I drove away from camp that day with tears in my eyes not knowing how I would ever re-create the joy I felt during my seven summers at camp, in the outside world – and here I am 19 years later with tears in my eyes realizing that I have been able to do that and so much more.

 Little did I know, that in 2004 I would be given the most incredible gift of a son. There have been ups and downs, hard times and sadness, laughter and fun since that day. Many years of just you and me. Many worries if I’m doing a good job?  If I’m preparing you for life? If you know how much I love you?

 Each year we come to camp, I know that the answer to those questions is yes. I am so blessed to have had these years with you and to create memories in the same place I created them years before.

 Always remember this time we shared together. Thank you Camp Huckins for continuing to bring a smile to my face and to my son’s face that will last a lifetime.

 Annie Perley and Issac, Mother/Son WeekendAnnie Perley (1991-1997) & Izaac Frazier, Portland ME