Online Application Tips

Grade:  If the grade listed on the application is not your child’s current grade please contact the office.  Applying for an incorrect grade could result in the loss of their spot.      

Session:  Please choose your first choice of one session.  This should be the session that is most important for your child to attend.  You will be able to choose a second choice later in the application.  Historically the first or fourth sessions can be easier to get into.  The more flexible you are the better chance of getting a spot. 

Parent & Household Information:  You should review/enter your mailing address and contact information.  If you are a two-parent household and the second parent is not showing be sure to choose “add second parent or guardian”.  If your child splits their time between two households be sure to choose the option “add another parent who resides at a different address”.  Be sure to select if the second household should receive general information and/or invoices.  If they should not have access to forms like the health form and dear counselor letter please contact the office. 

Emergency Contacts:  You will need to enter two emergency contacts in case we cannot reach you.  If the situation arises that your child needs to be picked up within 24 hours and you are not available your emergency contacts will be expected to pick your child up with in that time.

Camperships: Camperships are awarded based on financial need or other extenuating circumstances.  Please choose tier C and the billing option that says you would like to apply for a scholarship.   We will email you an application and instructions.  If you are unable to pay the required deposit at this time, please contact the office for a paper application. 

Camp Bank:  You no longer need to fund your child’s camp bank account.  The charges will be totaled and charged to the default card on file after the session ends.  You will still be able to see what is being charged using the icon on your camp in touch dashboard.