Pick Up Day

Campers may be picked up between 9-11.  Campers will not be ready to go before 9:00 AM.   Please do not arrive at camp early.

Campers going home should be picked up by 11:00 AM.  You may drive directly to the cabin to pack up your daughter’s belongings.  Check the rafters, under the bunks, clotheslines etc.  Please make sure that you aren’t leaving any articles, especially laundry or garbage bags with dirty clothes or bedding, behind. Lost and found will be laundered and given to a local charitable organization on Monday.

Medications will be given out at the cabin by the counselors.

Your daughter’s accumulated camp bank charges will be charged to your default card on file.

If it is necessary to get a message to your daughter about going home arrangements, please call the office and we will get the message to her.  Otherwise, we will assume that every camper will be picked up by her parent.  Sorry, we cannot arrange for calls home by campers for this purpose.

No camper will be allowed to leave camp with someone other than a parent without written parental permission.  Permission must be cleared with the office. This applies to everyone – CITs, W campers, etc.  Campers will not be allowed to leave camp with any person under the age of 21.

GIRLS REMAINING AT CAMP FOR 4 WEEKS – Saturday is a visiting day for family. You may come and take your daughter out for the day.  Parents NOT planning on visiting may wish to email the office permission for their daughter to go out with a cabin-mate and her parents.  Girls going out for Visiting Day should be back in camp by 4:30 PM.

Due to the large volume of traffic and people in camp on Change Day, pets(other than service animals)are not allowed on camp property.  Please leave your pets at home!

We hope that your daughter enjoys her time with us. We would like to hear any comments or suggestions that you care to share with the directors.  Please be on the lookout for our Camper/Parent Survey that will come via email after your daughter’s session.  Thank you for sharing your daughter with us.