Reflections from Alisson Borowski Kolodner – A few of our favorite things

Last summer, I had the pleasure of being the Middler Division Leader at Camp. This was my 16th summer, and the opportunity to spend an entire season back at Huckins with my four children (and my husband every weekend) was too amazing to pass up. With only 75 days left until the girls come pouring back through the white gates, we took tonight’s dinner to talk about a few of our favorite things. Tadhg (age 4): Archery! Kiernan (age 6): Swimming. Of any type. Oliver (age 8): Peter Pan and Harry Potter days. Merin (age 2): Owls. Loons. Mike (my husband): Sailing the Hobe. Tadhg: Tomatoes on the salad bar. Kiernan: Catching chickens when they escaped (he was Camp’s resident chicken catcher all summer). Oliver: Feeding the animals with Jody in the morning. Merin: Eggs. Chickens. Eggs! Mike: Playing tennis on the amazing new courts. Tadhg: Canoeing down Black Brook with Joe (the boys’ au pere). Kiernan: Kayaking to the Island. Oliver: Kayaking to the Island and back and then swimming (older brother always has to outdo the younger ones). Merin: My bracelet. Paige! Paige bracelet! (Paige was Merin’s au pere) Me–Borowski: The sounds of girls laughing, talking and singing all day long. The crazy loud moments when everyone is cheering for the same thing. And the absolutely perfect calm and quiet that occurs each morning right before Reveille blows–the moment that holds the promise of yet another amazing Nellie day. The summer of 2014 was the best one yet for my family, and probably for many of you. I can’t wait to share a few weeks with all of you back at our favorite place on earth. A place where you can swim, shoot archery as Harry Potter, collect chicken’s eggs, play tennis with a friend, make a bracelet and cheer and sing until your voice goes hoarse because that’s what Nellie girls (and staff kids) do each and every day. Huckins hearts to everyone— Love, Borowski


When not at Camp Huckins, Alisson and her family reside in Philadelphia, PA, where she is co-founder of Our Baby Class.


Oliver, Kiernan and Tadhg are the first three staff kids holding the rope.

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