Thought of the Day – Jessie Felber

For the last six months, I spent my life traveling around the world. I visited and lived in 6 states, 7 countries and on two different continents. Every place I visited was extremely different from the others; the people, food, language, culture, and even the way things looked were different. At times, this felt overwhelming. I craved some sort of consistency, and searched hard to find something in common between all these different places.

The one connection I was able to find was that people everywhere want to give and be loved.

The way people do this is different, but the idea of love is a dominating factor in each of us. No matter where I was in the world, and no matter how far away home was, love remained. There were people everywhere, though different from each other, to give love and be loved.

So here at Huckins, it is important and good to recognize that we are all different, and maybe there is not always much the same between us.

But what each of us has is the ability to love and a desire to be loved. So let’s use it well and love each other!

Have a Nellie day!

— Jessie Felber


The summer of 2014, Jessie was a double SC in the Middler Division and she celebrated her double Huckster year too (10 years)! She is a sophomore at the University of New Hampshire studying Family Studies. Jessie spent last year traveling with Up with People which is a global education program made up of young people from all around the world that uses music and community service as a way to break down global barriers.  In six months she lived with 18 different host families, and visited Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Ohio, 5 cities in Mexico, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Italy.  Jessie is on the far left.

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