Cabin Assignments

Campers are placed in Divisions according to the grade completed in June.  Campers must have completed the third grade prior to attending camp.  Each Division includes the following Grades:

JUNIOR:             3RD & 4TH Graders, and 5TH Graders WHO ARE NEW TO CAMP HUCKINS

MIDDLER:            Returning 5TH Graders, and all 6TH Graders

SENIORS             7TH and 8TH Graders

LEADERSHIP:       9TH Graders and CITs (Counselors in Training are by invitation, only)

CABIN ASSIGNMENTS: Cabin assignments are made in the best interest of Camp and your daughter.  Girls are assigned to cabins by grade.  In order to be fair to all campers, to avoid cliques, and to give all campers the opportunity to make new friends we do not accept cabin mate requests from returning campers.  First year campers may request one cabin mate, of the same grade. We do not put more than two girls from the same town in one cabin. While we cannot guarantee a request we will make every effort to accommodate your request when both campers request each other.  Placing girls in cabins is an involved process – please consider your request carefully.

Twins:  Twins will be put in separate cabins.

Changes to cabin requests will not be accepted after May 1st.  We suggest the girls talk to one another to ensure that the request is mutual.

BED/BUNK ASSIGNMENTS:  Campers will draw their Bed assignment (upper or lower bunk) from a hat upon entering the cabin. If your child requires a bottom bunk be sure to contact the office.