Our Mission

Although the camp has grown and changed over the years, our essential mission remains the same. It is the mission of the Carroll County YMCA through its many programs, to strengthen the Spirit, Mind, and Body of youth, families and communities. We strive to provide a sharing and caring atmosphere where each person can grow to realize their full potential.


An important aspect of this goal is to encourage the development of leadership skills. Many of our staff and program specialists started as campers and worked their way up to become counselors. Many eventually return as professional program staff members to pass on their valuable skills to new generations of campers.

Simple and Enduring

Huckins is not—and has never been—a complicated place. Perennial friendships, hearty laughter, singing at the top of your lungs, and waking to the call of the loon are the simple memories that carry through a lifetime. Fresh air, open sky, and the time and opportunity for young people to become more confident and self-assured, these are the basic traditions and values we hold dear.

Since 1928, Camp Huckins has been providing an enriching summer experience for children. Situated on the beautiful Lake Ossipee in Freedom, New Hampshire, Camp Huckins is an accredited YMCA Camp for girls. We have 1,300 girls ranging from 3rd graders to 9th graders who come to Camp Huckins for 2 or 4 week sessions each year. At the end of each summer, Camp Huckins also offers two Family Camps for those who would like to enjoy the camp experience with their children. Camp Huckins is a place with many enduring traditions and enriching activities, a place that people return to year after year, as campers, counselors, program staff and Family Campers. They come back because they are touched by how, year after year, Huckins remains “Constant and True.”

Inclusion Statement:  We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment where campers, participants, families and staff can discover and be their authentic selves. Through leadership, strategic planning, recruitment, training and program development, we strive to be inclusive in our practices and to promote equity and opportunity for all individuals. We respect, affirm and protect the dignity and worth of every member of our community.  It is our hope that any individual seeking to be a part of the YMCA Camp Huckins community will feel safe consulting with the camp administration to determine how our programs can best serve their needs.