Packing For Camp

Packing List

Tips From A Huckins Parent

TRUNKS:   We are very strict on the size of trunks allowed in the cabin.  The size is as follows:  32” x 18” x 13 1/2”.  Please do not bring anything higher than 13 1/2” as it must fit under the bunk.  If the trunk is oversize, it will have to be unpacked and sent home with the parents.  Anything larger presents a safety hazard.

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SHIPPING TRUNKSPlease no oversized trunks!  Please call UPS or Fed Ex to determine their shipping procedures.  Ship your daughter’s trunk early enough to arrive in time for her session.  Please make plans for shipping trunks home, prior to shipping the trunk to camp.   UPS or Fed Ex will need the measurements and weight in order to issue a “call tag.  Pick up should be the Monday after your daughter leaves camp.  If you need to have your packing box saved it needs to be brought to the office for safe keeping.  Any boxes left out in camp will be recycled.  If you ship your daughter’s trunk and need to have the box saved be sure and contact the office before drop off day.

The UPS Store in North Conway can help with packing and shipping your daughter’s belongings home.  Please contact Tom Davidson, 603-356-4881.

Chests of drawers: must also conform to specific dimensions, which are as follows:(no larger than)15 5/8” x 12 5/8” x 27”, only one per camper. We ask that you please adhere to these sizes in order to make your daughter’s first hours at camp less stressful.  Example of drawers that can be purchased from stores like: Walmart, Target, Amazon.

WATER BOTTLES:  Everyone needs to bring a water bottle for cookouts.  Water bottles are available to purchase at our camp store.

LACROSSE PLAYERS: Any camper who would like to play lacrosse during free time should bring a mouth guard and eye protection.

ITEMS NOT TO BRING:  Cell phones, IPODS or electronic devices are not allowed at camp. This means no hand held video games, music players, e-readers, Go Pros, fitness trackers, smart watches or any device which permits access to telephone, internet or recording. Campers are allowed to bring cameras, but the camera must not do any other functions including video recording. Electronic devices will be confiscated if found. The inability to follow this important camp policy may be a cause for dismissal.
DISMISSAL: We reserve the right to dismiss any camper whose behavior is unacceptable and contradictory to the Huckins Spirit. Behavior such as fighting, bullying, stealing, use or possession of alcohol, tobacco(including Juul and other ecig devices)or drugs, and use or possession of weapons of any sort are not tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal from camp.