2020 Notification – Camp Parents

Dear Camp Huckins Parents,

This has been a challenging spring for all of us as we adjust to tremendous uncertainty related to COVID-19 and let go of so many of our treasured activities, traditions and routines. We hope you and your family are healthy and safe. Our Covid-19 Task Force, Board of Directors and staff have been exploring how to safely run our summer camp program in the context of this pandemic. Many questions remain unanswered about what needs to be in place to ensure that camp is safe this summer.

In an effort to protect campers and staff and to make sure that Camp Huckins is positioned to continue serving campers, families, and friends for years to come, we have decided to cancel our traditional on-site summer program. This decision has been incredibly difficult. We know how important time together at camp is for each of us. We know how much every member of this community yearns for that time all year. We know how our time together sustains us throughout the year when we’re not at camp and we are heartbroken. In many ways, all of us, but particularly our campers and young staff, need time with friends at camp this summer more than ever and all of us take great comfort in the constancy and truth of camp. While we are confident that camp will remain constant and true, current guidance teaches that we need to nurture that magic in some way other than through on-site summer programming this season.

We know you have many questions about what this means for you, your daughter and for Huckins. We have included information here to address some of those questions and we will be in touch with more information and opportunities to connect. We also recognize that the uncertainty created by this announcement will be difficult for your daughter. Here is a message from Jody and Heather to share with her. In addition, Jess Brandt Eisner, Junior Division Leader and school psychologist, has created some resources to talk with and support your child. All of these resources can be found on the Camp Huckins website, as well.

Even though we may not be physically together under the pines this summer, we know what makes Huckins special is not the buildings, the pines, or the lake. The magic lies in the people and the relationships formed. We know how to help one another when things are hard, how to reach out when we see that someone needs a boost, how to celebrate even the smallest success and we will continue that practice. We are stronger together, and the Huckins staff will provide different ways to bring Huckins to you and keep us connected. Meanwhile we hope you will continue to use our Nellie connections page for updates and sing a long information.

We will refund all registration fees and tuition payments received as we don’t feel comfortable keeping the funds when so much is unknown. We will send more details about this in an email in the next two weeks. If you are able, we hope you will consider donating a portion of your camp fees to support Huckins during this challenging time. Thank you for your patience throughout this process. We have communicated with our 2020 staff and alumni but have asked all to be respectful and allow time for you to share this news with your daughter.

We know this will be a huge disappointment and we want her to hear it from you. Please know you are not alone – Jody, Heather and the entire Huckins staff are sharing in that feeling and we are here to help. In the weeks ahead we will create opportunities to support each other. We are developing creative ways for our community to interact – to laugh, cry, learn and sing. This summer will be different and at times it will be difficult. But we are confident, and we are Nellie Girls. We are resilient and we will come out of this stronger than ever.

We are planning Zoom conversations for the next few weeks to allow space for questions, to share how we are feeling and what we need from each other as we move forward. Details will be posted on our website and we hope to see you and your daughter in these virtual events. We look ahead to the next time we can gather on the shores of Lake Ossipee, home of the Laughing loon.


In the Huckins spirit,

Jody and Heather