General Questions

How old does my daughter need to be to attend camp?
Your daughter needs to have completed the third grade to attend camp.
I've heard it is really hard to get into your camp, how can I get my daughter in?
You definitely need to register your daughter on the first day possible. We normally take more new campers in the first and fourth sessions. The easiest year to get your daughter into camp is the summer after her third grade year in school.
My daughter who is a returning camper has a younger sister who would like to attend, when do I register her?
Because we fill up so quickly you should apply for your younger daughter at the same time as you apply for your returning camper (Early November).
When can I expect movement on your waiting list?
Registered campers need to pay their tuition by May 1st. That is usually when we get most of our cancellations.


How do you choose your counselors?
We are proud to say we “grow our own counselors”. All of our cabin counselors have participated in a minimum of two years in our leadership program.
How do you choose your program staff?
A large percentage of our staff return each year. We hire some program and facility (kitchen, maintenance) staff thru international staff hiring agencies. International staff add a great deal of cultural diversity, enthusiasm, and global understanding to our entire camp family.
Do you do background checks on all your staff?
Yes, we do.
Summer Camp

Will my daughter be able to pick her own activities?
Yes, during free time each afternoon. The morning instructional periods are set by camp so that every camper gets to try everything.
How many campers/counselors are in each cabin?
There are 10 campers in each cabin with two counselors.
How do you handle homesick campers?
Homesickness is a normal feeling and your daughter will grow and become more independent by overcoming her homesickness. Our counselors attend multiple trainings including the most up to date information on homesickness. Each group of campers has a Division Leader who is an adult woman, who lives in the Division with them. If we feel that your daughter is not having a good time, the Division Leader will call you to determine a plan of action. It is very rare that our counselors and Division Leader are unable to help a camper overcome their homesickness.