Alumnae Weekend by S. Goodnough ’48-’55

“Alumnae Weekend”


And then we meet again

Just around the bend

I meet a Huckins girl

And she becomes my friend

You can see it in her face

A happiness and grace

A love that stirs so deep

It dances in her sleep

The dream that summer’s here,

And Huckins days are near,

How can it be so sweet

This gift of finest wheat

Sixty years have gone by

As quickly as a sigh

Today I was only eight

Because it’s never too late

To be a child once more

To remember and reach out

To days of happiness

And give a hearty shout

I met a Huckins girl today

And she was ninety-five

So you see it never ends

This making of new friends

There’s nothing I can give

That means as much to me

As those days at Huckins camp

A light from God’s lamp

S. Goodnough