Chapel Talk by Izzy Ward (2018 SC in Cabin P and Double Huckster)

Chapel Talk July 17:
A couple of months ago a family friend of mine asked me what my favorite thing about camp was. Ten years ago, I would have probably said decorating a clipboard in the craft shop or playing categories off the slide. Instead, however, I explained that my favorite thing about camp is that no matter the stress you face in the outside world or how long you have been away, camp always seems to remain the same. Each year may bring new faces and adventures you’ve never experienced before, but at the same time, we always seem to pick up right where we left off. In your final week here on the shores of Ossipee, don’t forget to bask in all the joy this wonderful place has to offer, for when times get tough outside these white gates, you can always remember our special oasis and the friendships that remain constant true and forever Huckins. Have a Nellie day!