Scholarship Fund Fast Facts

Camp Huckins works hard to ensure that any deserving girl may come to Camp regardless of her family’s financial circumstances. Applications are submitted by families requesting assistance and reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. Families are then notified of their grant award.


Make A Gift

Annual Camper Scholarship

Each year, many girls request financial assistance. Providing an annual scholarship allows a deserving girl to experience camp. One of the wonderful aspects of camp is that girls from all different backgrounds live together in cabins and form life-long friendships. Camp Huckins strives to keep camp affordable but for many it remains out of reach. An annual camper scholarship is $1,965. Gifts of any amount may be made to the Scholarship Fund.

More than 100 girls each year receive scholarship help to attend summer camp.

Additionally, Camp Huckins supports it’s local community by providing a Carroll County discounted tuition rate.  On average 100 girls receive this discount each year.

Scholarship Endowment  

The Camp Huckins Scholarship Endowment is a commitment to future generations of campers. Funds placed in the Camp Huckins Scholarship Endowment are there forever, with a set percentage of the interest from the endowment being used each year.

Gifts of any amount may be made to the Scholarship Endowment Fund.

If you are interested in creating a named scholarship endowment fund, please contact Stephanie Paine at [email protected]