Mail/Care Packages

LETTERS: Campers love to receive mail! Write to your daughter often, and keep it cheerful to prevent homesickness.  If you receive an unhappy letter from your daughter, please do not get upset.  Children’s emotions change rapidly, and the letter you receive today may reflect a moment long forgotten. You may call us any time you are in doubt.  Should your daughter become ill, or experience adjustment difficulties, her Division Leader will contact you.  Please do not fax or e-mail letters to your daughter.

To encourage your daughter to right home or to relatives please send her with pre addresssed, pre stamped postcards!  A postcard is less daunting to younger campers(or campers that do not like to write)then having to write a letter.

Please be sure relatives address mail to your daughter’s full name.  A letter addressed to “Jenny” with no last name or a letter addressed to “sweetums” is probably not going to be delivered to the correct person.

We get TONS of mail at camp! Please limit your packages to large envelopes only, No boxes.   All boxes will be kept in the office until your daughter leaves camp.  Please send reading materials, writing supplies, t-shirts, puzzles, games etc.  No food or gum.   Any food or gum sent to your daughter at camp will be discarded.  Please be sure to remind relatives and friends of this policy.  “Camp Pacs” and “Sealed With A Kiss” Camp Care Packages have an agreement with camp to send fun items in envelopes rather than boxes.