Dates and Rates

2020 DATES

2020 Calendar

2020 RATES

Non-refundable Registration Fee:  $100.00

2020 Tier Pricing:  $1,650.00 – $1,965.00

CIT’s must attend for two sessions and only pay for one session.

Why a 3-tier tuition system?

Camp Huckins has long sought to ensure that a Huckins summer camp experience is as affordable as possible for as many children as possible.   Rather than raising rates across the board and pricing some families out of a Huckins experience, we offer a voluntary 3-tier tuition system that recognizes that families have different abilities to pay.  Please take a minute to review the tier descriptions below and select the tier which is most suitable for your family. This is an honor system and your family’s tier choice is strictly confidential.

All campers receive the same incredible Huckins experience
no matter which tier they choose to pay!

The tier descriptions were written next to each tier option.

Tier A         $ 1,965
This price most accurately reflects the full cost of operating and maintaining Camp. This tier helps to ensure that Huckins is available and thriving for future generations of campers.

Tier B          $ 1,800
Thanks to the efforts of our hard-working volunteers and donors, we are able to offer tier B for those families who need some assistance with the full cost of camp.

Tier C            $1,650

This price is designed to assist those who might otherwise be unable to attend camp.