Health Information/Ordering Medication

MEDICAL INFORMATION:  Your daughter must have a Physical within one year of coming to camp.  No camper will be allowed to enter camp if their online health form is not complete.  Please remember all Medications must be ordered through Pack My Rx:  Our nursing staff must administer all medicine; this includes all over the counter medications.  Our Health Center is well stocked with aspirin, cough medicine etc…  If your daughter takes an over the counter medication every day, for example allergy medicine, you need to order that through Pack My Rx.  As there are 380 campers and 2 nurses on duty, we ask that you refrain from ordering multivitamins or supplements UNLESS they are recommended by your daughters Health Care Provider.  Vitamins and supplements also need to be ordered through Pack My Rx.  Any health concerns that require special attention should be discussed with the Director before your daughter comes to camp.  If your daughter becomes ill and is confined to the Health Center for 24 hours, you will be called.

Physical- please note that a copy of your daughter’s physical must be signed by a physician or say electronically signed by.  A health summary will not be accepted unless signed by a physician.

Step by step guide to ordering medications

HEALTH INSURANCE:  Our health and accident medical policy provides basic limited coverage for all campers for routine office visits, prescriptions and outpatient hospital care. This restricted policy does not cover more serious accidents, sicknesses or pre-existing conditions.  Parents will be responsible, through their insurance carrier, for all charges incurred if the camper requires medical care beyond the limits of the Camp policy.   Insurance carriers and policy numbers are required on the health history form, so please make sure the form is completed.


If you have any questions please contact Kathi, our nurse, at [email protected].